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Event Date: Sunday 29th November 2009

Congratulations to 'Rob's Team GB' on completing and winning the Maidstone Tennis Academy's 1st charity Quadrathon.

Each event was based on covering as much distance as possible in 6 minutes. The swim was multiplied by 5 to make the swim a bit fairer.

Our team won all 4 prizes that were on offer:
Men's individual - Andrew Maclean
Women's individual - Jenny Julian
Over 40's - Steve Taylor
We also won the best team covering the most distance

Here are our individual performances. Well done to everyone who took part.
Team Members Bike Row Run Swim Total Metres
Rob 4820 1675 1640 1700 9835
Jenny 4030 1563 1520 2000 9113
Steve 4550 1701 1640 1400 9291
Chris 4720 1707 1580 1600 9607
Andrew 4585 1745 1360 2400 10,085
Luis 4490 1605 1480 1300 8875
Team Total 27,190 9,996 9,220 10,400 56,806

Event Date:
Sunday 27th September 2009

The Folkstone Half Marathon

In this photo: Chris Peart (left)
Rob McKellar (right)

Chris set a new personal best half-marathon today with a time of 1:36:50 and with a finishing place of 102nd.

All this with a sore knee and a very hot day which wasn't ideal for running.
Well done Chris.







Event Date: Monday 26th October 2009 

The Dublin Marathon
In this photo
Helen Westbrook (left)

Helen Completed her first ever marathon in a fantastic time of 4hours 49mins. Despite a few injuries in training and cramps on the day, Helen put in an amazing effort. A well deserved beer or two in Dublin later that evening! Well Done Helen!