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We were at a point where we needed someone to push us that little bit harder than you do when you try and train alone. It was all too easy to put it off. Now, we hate missing a week!

General levels of fitness have improved, lost a little weight, and reduced body fat percentage. Core strength has improved, and we have a general “good” feeling after an hour with Rob.

We enjoy it all. Dave enjoys the free weights, as he can feel an improvement ever so slightly from week to week. Jan enjoys the bike, the cross trainer and abs crunches!

Jan and Dave Tunks

My training was hitting a plateau and I was getting into a rut where I found that I would often do spinning as an ‘easy’ way out of having to do anything else. I would tend to avoid doing any weight training because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I decided that I needed somebody to encourage me and steer me in the right direction.

I have certainly become a lot fitter, have more energy, lost over 10% body fat, increased muscle size and learnt how to do a variety of new exercises and stretches. I have also set some personal bests both in running various distances and weight training.

Rob nearly always introduces new exercises into a PT session, which not only keeps the sessions interesting but also surprises the muscles that we are working during that session. Rob knows how to encourage and push me hard but is willing to vary the session if there is something I do or don’t want to do. Rob takes the training sessions seriously and will not waste time by chatting but focuses on what we are there to do.

Rob knows his stuff and has got to me to the fittest I have ever been. He is a true professional and is always willing to impart his knowledge regarding exercise, health, sport and nutrition. After a training session with Rob you know that you have worked hard and you will see results. Rob regularly checks progress by taking measurements and conducting fitness tests to ensure that goals are being achieved. Rob is also very friendly, approachable and patient.

Chris Peart

I had lost my motivation to exercise and needed to get back into shape.

Training has changed how I view exercise. It is not the drag it used to be. I never miss sessions, which in turn has lead to results I never thought I would be able to achieve. I am currently training to run a marathon and Rob has given me the belief that I can do it. Oh and I am now a couple of dress sizes smaller! ?

I have had other trainers but none as motivational as Rob. He pushes you further than you think you can go; just when you think you can’t go on you have then beaten a personal best, a very satisfying feeling. Also, the variety Rob puts into a session is great. Since starting to see Rob in early 2007, I doubt I have done the same session twice!

Helen Westbrook