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Nutrition: Overview

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The nutrients that the body absorbs from food are essential to living and keeping the body healthy. Food is essential to help the body grow and repair itself and keep it in good condition. We also need food to provide the body with energy and warmth. Evidence is suggesting that certain foods can help fight against many illnesses and diseases such as heart disease. Awareness and knowledge enables us to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Eating the right foods and a balanced diet is vital to a healthy life.

Fad Diets do NOT work!

Fad Diet is the term that describes an array of diets used to temporarily lose weight through sometimes unsafe and unrealistic methods. These programs offer a quick loss of weight but sadly the weight is gained right back because people return to their old eating habits and old life style.

Diets promoting a very low calorie system approximately 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day and with no exercise programme, causes the body to become less efficient at burning fat. Making it easier to store fat and regained weight each time a diet is stopped. In the long run this fad diets makes a person fatter instead of leaner. After a few weeks on a low calorie diet, the basal metabolic rate drops. At this time, the body also begins to use muscle as its energy resource. The body thinks that it is starving, so it converts to an energy storing mode. Muscle is lost and fewer calories are burned.

A diet regards the proper nutrition for a normally developed human and it should contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates AND fats. An imbalanced process may cause starvation or excessive reserves of body fat.