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December 2009

Dumbbell Kickback with 90 degree Twist:

Muscles Used:- Triceps

This is a variation of a standard kickback. Adding the 90 degree twist rotates the head of the triceps engaging extra muscle fibres and gives more focus to the muscles on the inside of the tricep.

Teaching Points

1: Always perform this excerise using the weaker arm first (generally the non-writting hand).
2: In this case above, start with right knee and right hand the bench with left foot on the floor.
3: The left hand picks up the dumbbell raising the elbow level with the back.
4: Keep the elbow and upper arm in the same position and extend the hand backwards.
5: During this motion start to turn the palm towards the ceiling thus giving the 90 degree twist.
6: Repeat required number of repetitions.