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July 2010

Fitball Crunches:

Muscles Used:- Abdominals and Core


Teaching Points

1: Make sure the fitball is free from defects, correctly inflated and suitable for extra weight.
2: For better control over the fitball place toes againsts an immoveable object, i.e a wall.
3: Sit on to the fitball about a quarter of the way down. Engage stomach muscles.
4: Gently lower upper body to curve around the ball, ideally feeling a slight stretch across stomach.
5: Bring the upper body to about 45 degress and try to keep the ball still.
6: Repeat the motion to desired number of reps. Increase difficulty by added D/B weight.
7: If pain is felt in the lower back during this exercise then try to engage core muscles harder, or sit a fraction lower on the ball. If pain is still felt, consider a different exercise.